Online Registration

Online Registration

Communication and online registration

Email: office(at)gcoworld.com


Pre registration stops 30.06.2014!!!!!!!

Cut off date (for fighters age category) is always 30th June of calendar year in which competition is held!


Starting Fee:                            The pre-registration start fee is 80 EUR for each start, payment     can be made on the day of registration providing your pre-registration is correct and we have received all of the information required before the cut off date.


                                               Registration after the 30.06.2014 will be 150 EUR




Pre registration only via email to : office (at)gcoworld.com

In order to pre-register, country representatives must send an email. Starting fees of pre-registered fighters will be paid cash on the registration day on 25st August 2014:



Admission / Zulassung:         In every weight category/discipline per country:

   In jeder Gewichtsklasse/Disziplin pro Land:

   WKU 3 participants are allowed / Teilnehmer

No overbooking is allowed, except with written consent from WKU HQ, which could be given in electronic form (e-mail). WKU representative shall apply for above-mentioned WKU HQ consent minimum 1-month prior the competition in written or electronic (e-mail) form.


Participants without a medical certificate (max 1 year old) will be required to be examined on the day and will be charged standard fees of 30 EUR.

Every competitor needs a medical certification; this rule applies for forms competitors as well (WKU rule)

Teilnehmer ohne gltiges Arztzeugnis (max. 1 Jahr alt) mssen sich vor Ort zum Tarif von ca. 30 EUR untersuchen lassen!

Every competitor for 2014 needs a WKU Membership which includes a WKU Passport, WKU Badge and WKU Stamp the cost of which is 35 EUR/per year it also includes your own WKU email address.

Jeder Teilnehmer bentigt eine gltige WKU Mitgliedschaft mit WKU Pass, Badge und gltiger Sichtmarke 2014

Competitors under the age of 18 must provide parental permission to participate!

Kinder und Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren brauchen die elterliche Zustimmung


You can start to register your members on the first of March 2014